Puppy School

I am Passionate about Puppy’s …. It is not just because they are so cute but it helps !
They are all different but they all have so much potential
They are eager to learn, have enthusiasm for life and are such a bundle of fun
We all need to learn how best to communicate, to understand each others rhythm and get to the point that you can live the life together that you dreamed of 
Our Puppy services will help you reach this ultimate relationship 
Training your puppy is not just about teaching them to ‘Come’, ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ but just as important is to build your puppys confidence and have fun while you help develop your robust puppy 
Our Puppy Classes are all in and outdoors, it is important in the rural environment that we live in that our puppys learn their skills in the environment that they need them most.

All our classes are in and outdoors so you and your puppy learn your skills in the environment you will need them most. 

What class should i book ?
  • Puppy Starter class - This is a great starting point, it is an 8 week foundation class and will give you the key skills and communcation you need 
What follow on classes can i do ?
  • Puppy Agility - Foundation skills that are great fun to learn and help to grow your puppys body confidence 
  • Puppy Gun Dog - Want your puppy to learn the skills of a gun dog, you dont have to want to go shooting to do this class
Can you help me with my puppy at home ?
  • Puppy Home Visits - This can be booked before your puppy comes home or once your puppy is at home. We will help you gain the skills and knowledge to toilet train, manage chewing and play biting, preparing your puppy to be left, exercise, dietary and feeding advice, interaction with children and other pets and anything else relevant to your personal circumstances