Frequently asked Questions 

What do i need to bring with me to classes?
  • Please bring your dog or puppy on a harness and flat lead, no extendable leads, slip lead, or chokes permitted
  • Please bring water and a bowl for your dog or puppy
  • Lots of yummy treats and a toy 
  • A towel for puppy classes 
  • For puppy class please bring a copy of your puppys vaccination record
Can the whole family come to training classes ?


Is there anything else i need to know ?
Here is some general information
  • Please like our facebook page and pop a photo of your lovely dog on there https://www.facebook.com/Dogs-First
  • Please wear clothing appropriate to time of year as we will train in and outdoors. Also please bring your dog or puppy a rain coat or jumper if they are short-coated and it is cold or wet and a cool coat if it is hot and they are thick coated.
  • Please keep your dog on the lead at all times unless you are instructed otherwise. This is very important for the comfort and safety as some of our classes are near livestock.
  • All our classes are a set rate for the course. It is not possible to pay per class. If however you have prior arrangements we are more than happy to transfer you into another class for the sessions you would other wise miss. We are unable to refund classes you cannot make.
  • Please ensure your dog has had morning exercise before the class and will be more relaxed and ready to learn.
  • As responsible owners please ensure that you have the means to clean up after your dog and leave this in the designated bin
  • Rewards form the basis of our training. Please bring high value rewards such as your dogs favourite treat and toy. We will of course explain the best way to use these.
  • Any injury to a dog is the sole responsibility of the owner
  • Should your bitch come into season during the course, you may not be able to attend but please check with your trainer
  • If we very bad weather or temperatures over 25 degrees or more please still come along unless we contact you. We will make adjustments to the class exercises and location to ensure you and your dogs safety
  • Our classes are family friendly 

Where is the venue for classes ?

Training Venue

Weir Field Barn Grain Store

Treyford road 


west Sussex 

GU29 0LA 

Parking and toilet facilities onsite 

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