My Approach

My approach to training dogs has always been with the welfare of the dog at the heart of it. Read more

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My Approach
By Tania Chappelle


My love of dogs started as a young girl when I was gifted with Holly, a beautiful Red Setter, she was an utter joy. I spent every spare moment i had caring for and playing with Holly. My love of dogs started here.

As an adult I spent many years running my own businesses in Hair and Beauty, before deciding to pursue my dream of working with dogs. My desire to go to work in wellies was realised and I haven’t looked back since.

I started walking dogs to gain experience and gradually gained my qualifications to train dogs. Then Dogs First began, and I started training dogs as a full time professional dog trainer.
Alongside Dogs First, I work for the UK’s leading dog training, education and accreditation body The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I work as an Assessor and Instructor on IMDT Training Courses and am a proud winner of the 2014 IMDT Ambassadors Award. 

I am a Distinction Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviourists with a Level 3 in The Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, a Level 4 in Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Analysis and Application, and a Level 5 In Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour.

I organise the IMDT’s annual conference, which includes dog trainers such as Steve Mann and Kay Laurence. I also have the pleasure of working at Crufts, International Dogs Show. 


I am continuously developing my professional qualifications. My Continuous Professional Development includes attending regular courses in dog training and behaviour, and reading up to date literature.


I am particularly interested in Puppy Development and bringing up of puppies to be the adult dog we all love living with.  I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have learnt, helping dog owners understand their beloved pet. With a special interest in giving dogs the opportunity to be their natural selves and to do the job they want and need to do and helping owners to be part of that.

My approach to training dogs has always been with the welfare of the dog at the heart of it. Using scientifically proven methods of training means the dog is actually learning and enjoying the training. I feel it is vital that the dog is trained in a way that the dog can be their natural self and that the training plan is not only fun but fits within the owners lifestyle so they are empowered to train their dog effectively.