Welcome to Dogs First !

Learning how to talk 'Dog' is fundamental to all good communication and the basis to any good relationship with our dogs.
At Dogs First I can take you through this journey from Puppyhood to Adulthood and to help you bring up your dogs to be the dog you love living with.
Having a dog is a massive learning curve, lets enjoy the journey together.

Dogs First has a learning programme that can guide you through your dogs learning journey.
Let your dog grow up with Dogs First !

Puppy School

Our Puppy School is a collection of everything you need for your puppy in one place. They all have so much potential, are so eager to learn and have enthusiasm for life.


121 Training

Sometimes we need to work harder on specific issues with our dogs. We may need to make a big effort on Recall or lead walking.


Teenage Class

The Teen class is designed specifically for you and your Teenager while they are transitioning from the puppy phase into adult hood.