I am passionate about building relationships with dogs 
I have a special interest for giving dogs an opportunity to do the job they want and need to do and helping owners to be a part of that
I also have a special place in my heart for puppys … don’t we all !
So much innocence, so much joy and so much potential 

This is the fun we have on offer 

Puppy classes
Agility Classes
Gun Dog Classes
Collie Classes
Terrier-tastic classes 
121 Training  

Alongside running Dogs First I am also lucky enough to work for the UK’s leading dog trainer and behaviour Education and accreditation body, The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I work as an Assessor and instructor on IMDT Behaviour and Training Courses.
I also work at Crufts and organise the IMDT’s annual conference which includes trainers such as the epic Kay Laurence, Steve Mann, Rob Hewings and many more 

Puppy School

I am Passionate about Puppies. It is not just because they are so cute but it helps ! They are all different but they all have so much potential They are eager to learn, have enthusiasm for life and are such a bundle of fun Our Puppy services are in and outdoors on a working farm


1 to 1 Training

121 training sessions are really good at focusing on the issues that are important to you and your dog We tailor make a fun training programme just for you and your dog, our aim is to help you overcome your training issues and enjoy your time together


Gun Dog

Create the ultimate working relationship with your dog. Gun dogs are fine tuned to do their job But you dont have to want to go on a shoot to do this class but just give your dog the experience of what they have an intrinsic need to do and you just watch the magic unfold What skills does a Gun dog do? These are the basic skills